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Thousands of marijuana sites, blogs and forums populate the web, but most aren't worth a read. We've searched out the best, so you don't have to.

You're likely familiar with some of them. Others may be new to you. We've grouped them into six categories, though admittedly, there's a lot of overlap:

  1. Weed Magazines
  2. Smoking and Culture
  3. Growing Weed
  4. Finding Weed
  5. Marijuana Advocacy
  6. Cannabis Forums


Weed Magazines

High Times

High Times Screenshot

Let's just get this one out of the way right off the bat. If you haven't heard of High Times, you've either been in a coma for the past 50 years or you were born in the past 3.

The most-widely read site about weed features everything from news to advice to reviews to everything in between. They even have their own hugely popular cannabis cookbook. They began life as a print magazine long before the internet and the print version is still available today from their website.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Ben & Jerry Say Yes to Weed-Infused Ice Cream
  2. Police Accidentally Get an Entire Neighborhood High with Marijuana Bonfire
  3. Federal Government Unwittingly Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer


420 Magazine

420 Magazine Screenshot

Another huge site that's been around since 1993. It has a bit of everything, from news to facts and info on marijuana to grow guides,to product reviews to listings for dispensaries, attorneys, head shops, etc. It also has a lounge area and a very active forum.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. The Mystery Of Fibromyalgia Remains But The Cure Is Marijuana
  2. New Study: Alcohol Is The Gateway Drug, Not Marijuana
  3. Studies Are Showing Weed Could Treat ADHD Better And Safer Than Adderall


Hail Mary Jane

Hail Mary Jane Screenshot

This magazine site actually began as a sports page, but today it specializes in marijuana related news and information. It features a mix of political and health info, as well as articles on entertainment, culture and fashion. They also have a directory of Cannabusinesses, a dispensary map, an event calendar and a store.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Bernie Sanders: "End Cannabis Prohibition"
  2. 2015 Hemp Industry Worth $1/2 Billion
  3. Bong Buddy Review


The Cannabist

The Cannabist Screenshot

The Cannabist is based in Denver, Colorado and while the report on many local issues, they cover news from around the globe. Like all the other magazine-style sites, they feature news, culture, entertainment and some recipes. They do not have any how-to guides, but do have a lot of strain and product reviews. 

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Colorado's pot-funded school tax sets record, tops 2014 totals
  2. Colorado marijuana sales for 2015 rocket to $996 million
  3. U.S. marijuana use, approval of legalization soar upward


Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture Screenshot

Cannabis Culture began as a print magazine, but is currently only available online. As an activist magazine, they mainly feature news items, but they also provide tips and advice and they have a forum and a shop.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms, Supreme Court Rules
  2. Chile Removes Marijuana From List of 'Hard Drugs' and Legalizes Extracts
  3. Dutch Company E-Njoint Develops Cannabis E-Cigarette



Herb Screenshot

Herb.co may not be familiar to you, but I bet you recognize it under its former name: The Stoner's Cookbook. This online magazine obviously features a ton of recipes and like High Times, they have published a cookbook, too (and it's just as popular as High Times'). Apart from that, they also have content in basically every other category, from news to how-to guides to entertainment to culture to health, etc.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Eye-Candy: A Beautiful Marijuana Vending Machine
  2. Cancer Institute Finally Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer
  3. How Weed Keeps You Skinny: What Researchers Say About Marijuana, Weight, and Diabetes


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Smoking and Culture

Dope Smoker

Dope Smoker Screenshot

Dope Smoker is a UK site. It features a ton of info on growing and smoking, as well as news and seed bank recommendations. It also has a small section on travel, but if you're looking for info on where to get smoke overseas, it won't be much help (scroll down a bit for that).

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. A Man, a Bike and a Vaporiser take on the World!
  2. Growing for yourself now fully decrimalized in Spain?
  3. Vaporizers – The Healthier Alternative to Smoking


Stoner Things

Stoner Things Screenshot

Their tagline is: "You could be higher.", which is clever because it's always true. The site features a good mix of news, useful info, strain reviews and pure entertainment. It could have easily been included among the magazine-style sites, but somehow it felt more correct to place it in this section.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Marijuana: Where Does It Come from? - Stoner Things
  2. 5 of the Biggest Pot Opponents - Stoner Things
  3. Pittsburgh Decriminalizes Marijuana - Stoner Things


Stuff Stoners Like

Stuff Stoners Like Screenshot

As the name might suggest, Stuff Stoners Like mainly features reviews of new and interesting products. But they also have a lot of useful info on smoking and related topics.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. How Many Joints are In an Ounce Of Weed?
  2. Cannabis Cup Creator Steve Hager Creates New 4/20 Event
  3. How To Make Marijuana Candy


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Growing Weed

Marijuana Growing

Marijuana Growing with Jose Cervantes Screenshot

This is the site of Jorge Cervantes, probably the most famous provider of growing advice. His site has a premium section, but he also offers tons of free videos and articles for free. The free section also features an extensive Q&A and an active forum where you can get answers from a number of growing experts.


Grow Weed Easy

Grow Weed Easy Screenshot

This site is full of useful info and has the tutorials to take you from a complete beginner to having your own successful garden. The information on Grow Weed Easy is better than the majority of books on growing marijuana, but it can feel a bit disconnected at times. Personally, I prefer having my information more organized, like it is in a book. But if you're on a budget, everything you need is on this site somewhere.


How To Grow Cannabis?

How To Grow Cannabis Screenshot

A very simple site with no graphics whatsoever. It's basically just a collection of articles on growing weed. Some are great; others less so. Overall, there's a lot of good info here, if you don't mind taking the time to look for it.


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Finding Weed

We Be High

We Be High Screenshot

If you're a traveler who wants to get high on the road, this is the site for you. It features all of the world's major cities and destinations and tells you where and how to score weed there. It also includes info on quality and the expected price, as well as a rating from 1-5 of the legality in each city, so you know just how careful you need to be.



Leafly Screenshot

The Leafly website has three main areas: a dispensary finder, an events section and a section where they review strains. To find dispensaries near you, simply enter your address (or allow the site to automatically detect your location) and you will get a list of dispensaries and information on each.

The event finder is similar in that you can find upcoming events near you (or near any area you want). Their strain reviews are great too, with info on flavors, effects, photos and even a listing of locations where a particular strain is popular. 



Weedmaps Screenshot

Weedmaps is a community that connects medical marijuana patients with dispensaries. If you live in a state where cannabis can be sold legally, the website detects your location and gives you a map showing dispensaries near you. They also offer a mobile app version of their service.


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Marijuana Advocacy


NORML Screenshot

NORML is a non-profit that is working to change public opinion in order to bring about the legalization of marijuana for responsible use. Their site features a ton of news about the ongoing effort to to bring about legal reform as well as a wealth of information regarding marijuana itself.

The 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Oregon: Governor Signs Law To Vacate Past Marijuana Convictions
  2. OHIO: An Opportunity to End Marijuana Prohibition on Election Day!
  3. Senate Committee Votes In Favor Of Marijuana Banking Bill


The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog Screenshot

Definitely not the prettiest site on this list, but it's the third most visited marijuana related website in the US and the world. The site was founded "to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana in America."

They publish several posts per day, featuring a lot of political news. They also have growing info, recipes, strain reviews and non-political news items.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Jared Fogle Will Serve Less Time In Prison For Molesting Children Than Some Do For Marijuana
  2. Once Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana, Jeff Mizanskey Is Now Free
  3. Study: Daily Marijuana Use For Chronic Pain Is Safe And Effective


Marijuana Policy Project

Marijuana Policy Project Screenshot

The Marijuana Policy Project was a big part of legalization in Colorado and are currently working to duplicate that success in other states. The main focus of their efforts is to make marijuana legal, but regulated, similar to alcohol. Their website is perhaps the best source of information on the legalization effort, with continuous updates for each individual state.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Congressmen Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate DEA Marijuana Eradication Program
  2. 2016 Presidential Candidates
  3. U.S. House Approves Spending Amendment Easing Medical Marijuana Access for Veterans


Americans For Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access Screenshot

Americans for Safe Access is a foundation fighting for the legal and safe access to cannabis for research and therapeutic uses. They are active on Capitol Hill and have come up with a legal framework for safe access. On their website they feature news and the possibility to support them and/or join them in their mission.

Their 3 most popular posts over the past year were:

  1. Hillary Clinton Comes Out in Support of Protecting State Marijuana Laws
  2. Maryland Commission Approves Final Regulations
  3. Eight Things Obama can do to Bring Relief to Medical Marijuana Patients


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Cannabis Forums

Grass City

Grass City Forum Screenshot

Grass City is actually an online head shop, but I've listed them under forums, because they have one of the most active ones on the internet. It has sections discussing cultivation, toking tools, smoking, medical marijuana, news ,entertainment and spirituality. If you've got a question, chances are you'll get it answered here. If you just want to have a conversation, you can do that too.


THC Farmer

THC Farmer Forum Screenshot

Another active forum with sections on cultivation, seed banks, and lifestyle. Unlike the other sites in this section, THC Farmer is only a forum, but it does also have a large Grow FAQ section.


International Cannagraphic

International Cannagraphic Forum Screenshot

This is actually a magazine-style site, but it's not updated often and looks pretty old-fashioned. It does have a very active and helpful forum, though. You can get all kinds of growing advice or discuss various marijuana-related topics.


THC Talk

THC Talk Forum Screenshot

Another great forum (though not a great-looking one). Despite the outdated design, THC Talk features discussions on cannabis basics, growing, entertainment and a variety of other topics. There's a ton of info here and it's an active forum so anything you can't find, you can ask and get an answer pretty quickly.


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